Munnnariyippu(caution) : film review


Numbness; that was what I felt after watching Munnariyippu. It was not my body but my brain that got numb. I could see or feel myself smiling and shaking, in awe, at the end of that movie. It was such a unique feeling which I have felt only on rare occasions. I would call it “pure awesomeness”. I felt that way for almost an hour or so. I couldn`t remember anything from my bus journey from city to home. I even struggled to pay for the bus ticket; I couldn`t pull together my senses and find the purse in my back pocket. I was hooked to the climax.

I think I am overreacting here, may be because I was so into that movie. But, I don`t care. I got to watch a Malayalam movie so special that I feel like placing it place it beside those cult classics like usual suspects or fight club or seven. If I describe exactly what I felt, I would be spoiling the climax for those folks who have not yet seen the movie.

 I felt that there were a few unanswered questions at the end or may be, the filmmaker hopes the audience to assume or use their imagination, I don`t know. But the thing is, after watching it you won`t really care about the unanswered questions, at least for a while. All credit to Venu for a brilliant movie    (or, story and climax) and cinematography (nothing fancy, kept it very simple). I am not a screenplay expert, but I think R. Unni has done a good job. On the whole, the movie is very real and entertaining in my opinion. Likewise, performances of the actors & actresses were also highly convincing. Bijibal has done a great job with the background score.

Mammotty is back with a bang. His subtle expressions were tremendous and so engaging, at times. Last but not the least, Aparna Gopinath was simply amazing. Given her inexperience at this level, I would say she narrowly trumped Mammotty in performance. I look forward to see wonderful performances from her in future.

Roger Federer


Every time Federer loses a match, I am usually heart broken. But this time around, I did not feel so sad. I felt some sort of bliss, watching that great man smile, even though he lost a tough match. Going into this tournament people rejected him saying he was just too old for this sort of affair and many predicted that he won`t even reach the Semis. Roger Federer, the 32 year OLD MAN, blitzed every one of his young opponents and reached the final with considerable ease. There he lost. But he gave a match that Djokovic(he is a beast!!!) and all the people across the world who watched it, won`t forget for a really long time.

I am lucky to have witnessed one of the greatest matches of all time and happy to see the artist who once ruled the tennis world(except French open finals), presently dethroned by youth, continue playing the game and giving the young brigades a run for their money, just because he loves the game. Its one of the toughest and bravest things a person can do.i.e. falling down from the mountain of success and still enjoying himself and the game. He had been an inspiring figure for me since I first started to watch tennis and hopefully will continue to be like that for a long time.

At the end of that grueling game which he lost, he said with a charming, calm, blissful smile, ” I`ll be back next year “. Critics and naysayers, now you guys know why he is the greatest tennis player and one of the greatest sporting icons of all time, and why he should be left alone to do what he loves doing.

My travelogues – 1


Pristine shola forests, lush green hills, birds, gaurs, cool atmosphere; I simply can`t ask for anything more. Three days of adventurous trek and silence that can only be provided by lush green nature away from concrete jungles. The stay at the beautiful “sparrows nest” with a bunch of nature lovers was a marvelous experience for me. We were fortunate to spot many rare species like Nilgiri wood pigeon, streaked throated woodpecker & spotted eagle.


After an overnight train journey we reached Metupalayam at the base of Ooty hills at around 10 in the morning. The railway station itself is a relic of the British reign. The railway from Metupalayam to Ooty is a perfect example of the renowned British civil engineering. It’s a wonderful journey through the mysterious Nilgiri hills, a must-feel experience. But we were not heading for Ooty.

Our destination was some 30 Km east of Ooty, a place called Kotagiri. The place name is derived from the term “the mountain of Kotas” or “Kotagiri” where giri means mountain and Kotas are a clan of tribe who lives here.We left Metupalayam and hit the forest road by 11:30. We raced through the dry forests patch below the hills and then started to climb up-hill with the forest turning out to be greener and greener with each passing mile. Almost an hour into our bus ride, we started to get a glimpse of famous Nilgiri tea; bright green tea estates on either side of the road. We deviated from the main road before reaching Kotagiri, from a place called Aravenu. The stay was near Catherine Falls view point. From Aravenu it took 20 more minutes through the sprawling tea estates to reach Sparrow`s Nest.


The sparrows nest

A well kept 100 year old tea godown which is being used as a resort , and truly one of the most beautiful places I`ve  ever got a chance to live in. We were starving when we reached. So we didn`t start our scrutiny of nature right away and had to ditch nature for food. After the late lunch, we discussed our 3-day plan and set out for our first trek at the Longwood Shola forest some 20 Km away from the nest. We climbed back the winding estate road to Aravenu and then to the Longwood. We reached there by 4 and began our 3 Km trek through the plush evergreen Shola forest with hardly any sunlight reaching the forest floor. Due to their isolation, altitude and evergreen nature, Shola forests are home to some of the most threatened species and several of them are endemic. Climate was wonderful, bright and breezy, so the trek was a memorable one for me


Longwood Shola


Kodanad view point

The rest of the evening was spent at the Kodanad view point from where we got a piece of the beautiful Moyar valley. The view was a breathtaking one!!!

We were back at nest at around 8:30, freshened up and had our dinner. There was a campfire too.


Warming up

We woke up early the next day to visit the Catherine falls view point before breakfast. Unfortunately the view was not such a nice one, since the falls had dried up due to scarce rain. All we could see was a rugged rock structure.



The visit to the thoda tribal village and the interactions with a few of them were really interesting and informative. As a photographer, I must say it was a rich experience for me since I got a chance to interact with some really intelligent people. Among them was Aswathi, a 7 year old kid; cute, thoughtful and  talking beautifully. Although most of these educated, well behaved people live in modern concrete houses with mud-tiled roofs, some of them still live in their traditional huts. These peculiar huts have a half cylindrical shape made of mud and wood with straw roofing.You have to literally kneel down or walk on your knees to get in as the door way is at-most 2 ft high.


the thoda hut

We were really sad that we missed an opportunity to get some snaps of a Gaur we spotted on the first day of our camp. But the next day we got lucky and we spotted a whole herd of Gaurs. We saw the same herd again on the last day of our camp.

On the last day, we woke up early and we went for a short trek up the hill in to the Banagudi shola, near the nest. We got a chance to see the centuries old tribal temple inside the shola, a truly magnificent structure.


Ancient tribal temple

After our morning trek we had our breakfast and left for the forests near Maamaram.  The locals had informed us about elephants which were roaming around, so we were cautious and at the same time were determined to get a sight of the big mammal. Even though we failed to spot one, it was an adventurous experience which lasted for over 2 hours. In between we visited the beautiful Junior Catherine falls and had our lunch there. While we were filling up, a group of teenagers started to showcase their diving skills. One of acrobats, Manikandan, was quiet a wonder to watch!!!


Manikandan, at Junior Catherine falls

The route to the falls was a steep slope in to the valley and I knew that a steep climb would be inevitable to get back to our ride. My fear finally took shape as we had to climb a notorious 2Km slope which directly leads to a main road. Our water bottles which we filled up at the falls were empty long before we reached the road and we were all panting like dogs. We drank a hell lot of water from the first house we saw and after walking a little while we came to junction were a street vendor was selling ice-sticks. The joy of finding food when we really need it can`t be described in words!!!!! There was a school nearby and we were only happy to offer ice-sticks to a few enthusiastic ones.


The ice-stick kiddos

So our three day rendezvous with Kotagiri ended with ice-sticks and it was a great trip. We got to see some great people and wildlife, that too in the fantastic cool climate of this little known hill station of Tamil Nadu. You visit this place once and it will remain in your head for a long time………….

My mistress……..


I am sitting in the college library. I look around and see a lot of guys and girls busy with many different books. Some of them are, as I can feel, deep into it and there are a few others whose eyes are uneasily moving around and fingers drumming with restlessness, as if they are waiting for a moment of freedom or may be trying to connect with the bulky book resting in front of them on the table. They are not enjoying it and want to stop whatever they are doing. It’s torturous to do something which you don`t enjoy doing. In Steve Jobs’ words “you gotta love what you do. It’s the only way to do great work”.

Outside the sun has set and a veil of dark grey clouds is sweeping across the red canvas. Silhouettes of birds flying across crimson gaps in between clouds are faintly visible. How I wish, I had my camera with me. Alas! My great love is far away from me resting in her cozy bag waiting for her next outing during the weekend. It’s all grey outside and street lights have come alive after a long day break.

As I get back from the room in my house where my love occupies a desktop and across the skies which are turning darker with each passing second and through the tube-lit streets leading to my college gate and the window panes on the fourth floor where I am one among many who is busy with a book, I know that I am just rediscovering my great loves; photography, travelling, observation etc. through my mistress. My mistress, even though I have ignored her many a times, comes back to me at these odd moments giving me her love and care. I too love her  but I am  not able to express it in the way I do with photography. But one day, I`ll  proclaim to others that I have one more to my great love list. I am waiting for that day.


(As I didn`t have my cam with me then, I had to chose from my collection for an appropriate sunset :) )