My crawl into the blog world

‘ This is what I see ‘ . I was not impressed by this title. Its my blog`s name.May be I`ll eventually get satisfied with it or even change it.Anyway, I was in a state of thrill and also distress about what I should  write in my first post.

When I decided to start  blogging, it was to help me to share my photographs and the story which lead me to that shot. But halfway through the registration, I started to feel something. It was the feeling which breaks into a soft-willed idiot`s mind when he is going forward with one of his stern decisions. In a matter of seconds, I started to think about Syrian civil war, killings in Assam and all sorts of carnage happening around the world. Thats what I do when in agony. Then I`ll try to come out of such thoughts and bring back my mind which was stuck in a mess. But first, I need to come out of it.Usually I just get lost in my fantasized tense world and finally end up in Hiroshima or Nagasaki  somewhere inside that jumbo sized mushroom cloud !! So I was in a messy situation and was finding it really hard to find the tale behind some photograph which I have not yet selected(:D You know what that means??? I was trying  to cheat; finding a story then  include a snap which fits in :D). But I found out that even to be a fraud, you require  some amount of skill(loser at being a loser 😦 ). By the time I finished registration, I was in a limbo.However after almost 24 hours of revolt with myself, I finished it.

Now I need your opinion to continue(I hope someone`s reading this).

SPECIAL ONAM OFFER :- comment as you wish( tough-way or the soft-way)


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