A Class Apart

Coffee House building at shanghumugham; shut down almost an year ago
Coffee House building at shanghumugham; shut down almost an year ago

The first thing you notice when you enter the Indian coffee house restaurant is that there are all sorts of people. Nowadays because of the IT boom the coffee houses around Trivandrum city are having a busy schedule. Lot of youngsters enjoy the coffee house cutlets and masala dosas and that includes me.

There are several reasons for the success of this restaurant chain. First, the very much normal environment that any coffee house presents, you don’t feel that you are in a different space. Next thing which attracts you at the coffee house is the royal attire of the servers, the big turban like cap is especially attractive and to an extend it defines the brand Indian coffee house. Food is the trademark of any restaurant. It is the same for the coffee house, except that the consistency of taste has been the basis of the huge success of this organization. Try the dosa-Sāmbhar-chutney combination from any of the coffee house restaurant and the very next day, go to some other coffee house and have the same combination. You will be wonder struck because the taste would be exactly the same. They have been somehow keeping up this consistency for a very long time. Especially the taste and the look of the masala curry which they use for masala dosas, cutlets and the poori is the same at any coffee house restaurant anywhere in India. I have always wondered about the secret behind this.

I still remember the first time I went to the coffee house at shangumukham some ten years back enjoying the sea breeze and as well as the hot dosa with chutney and Sāmbhar. Just a few days ago I went to the coffee house at Sreekariyam, the same taste and service which I received ten years ago, no change at all. That is what you call keeping up the standard. I sat there and enjoyed my dosa and after that a plate of ever delicious cutlets. Looking around I could see people of all kinds of age and occupation. While there are mysteries surrounding on how they keep up the taste, there are no doubts whatsoever about the fact that the Indian coffee house is one of the most successful cooperative sector organization in India. For the last 56 years it has been one of the delicacies of the Indian society and hopefully it will continue to be like that for a long time. I simply can`t wait for my next visit!!!

Coffee-House at Thampanoor



2 thoughts on “A Class Apart

  1. even i too have wondered how they keep the same taste all the time..
    i love de coffee dey serve!

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