Being Alone


Some say I am a loner, may be because I spent a lot of time alone. I don`t know whether its good or bad, but sometimes I really enjoy being alone. At times I feel blissful while I am alone and busy with my little habits. Just like now,  resting on my bed in the hostel, scribbling in my notebook with nothing but empty space around me. Does that make me a lonely soul ? I enjoy interacting with other people, with my friends, relatives or even complete strangers especially toddlers 🙂 . There are some people whom I really enjoy talking and I talk  more with that person. But, there are occasions when I don`t like talking even with  those people whom I love to talk with. Thats the way I behave. At certain instances, I remain dead silent while my friends would be yelling to each other at the top of their voices. I love doing that, observing other people talking, laughing and enjoying. At those instances, I am actually alone even though  I am in the middle of a crowd. I feel, I produce my best works while I am alone. I imagine more when there is no interaction with those around me. I guess,  its good to be alone at times if  it makes you happy.


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