Roger Federer

Every time Federer loses a match, I am usually heart broken. But this time around, I did not feel so sad. I felt some sort of bliss, watching that great man smile, even though he lost a tough match. Going into this tournament people rejected him saying he was just too old for this sort of affair and many predicted that he won`t even reach the Semis. Roger Federer, the 32 year OLD MAN, blitzed every one of his young opponents and reached the final with considerable ease. There he lost. But he gave a match that Djokovic(he is a beast!!!) and all the people across the world who watched it, won`t forget for a really long time.

I am lucky to have witnessed one of the greatest matches of all time and happy to see the artist who once ruled the tennis world(except French open finals), presently dethroned by youth, continue playing the game and giving the young brigades a run for their money, just because he loves the game. Its one of the toughest and bravest things a person can do.i.e. falling down from the mountain of success and still enjoying himself and the game. He had been an inspiring figure for me since I first started to watch tennis and hopefully will continue to be like that for a long time.

At the end of that grueling game which he lost, he said with a charming, calm, blissful smile, ” I`ll be back next year “. Critics and naysayers, now you guys know why he is the greatest tennis player and one of the greatest sporting icons of all time, and why he should be left alone to do what he loves doing.


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