Man’s reach exceeds his imagination!!!

In the movie Prestige(novel by Christopher Priest), magician Robert Angier, after traversing over a 100 yards in a second, proclaims to the awe struck audience:

“Man’s reach exceeds his imagination”

Movies transport you to different worlds and times while your are watching it. You get to see totally cool things, the speck of someones outrageous imagination. It is a world of dreams and nightmares. But what you see is just a beautiful facade. Once the movie ends( or after a while), you will be brought back down to reality.

One of the cool things that has always fascinated me is virtual reality, especially virtual screens. The first time I saw something like that was in the movie ‘Mummy Returns’. The golden bracelet that the naughty prick (Brendan Fraser’s son) wears, displays in space, the 3-D visual of Scorpion King’s lair. The boy could see the 3-D visuals as well as what is really in front of him. I thought it was awesome!!

After that, I saw the refined form of the same idea in several movies. In Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report’, a futuristic tale, police officers use a virtual screen which can be controlled using hand gestures in combating crime. Similarly in numerous other hollywood flicks.

Watching all those movies, I have never believed it could be real. Never! (Although, I have tried mimicking some of it, while no one is around :D)

The greatest limitation that human beings face is that helplessness in expressing or displaying ideas to the world. There are folks who are exceptional at expressing their ideas. All the wonderful filmmakers(Nolan, Spielberg, Fincher are some of my favourites) are pretty good at that. Personas like Leonardo da Vinci and Mahatma Gandhi have inspired and influenced the world with their skill at presenting an idea to the masses. But only a few of us have that skill. Just imagine how incredible it could be to actually see and design what you imagine(even if the imagination involved is horrific). What if you could fool around with your ideas and see how it looks with each change? With the advent of 3-D printing, your imagination, whatever it is, could turn out to be as real as everything else around you.

But a couple of weeks back, I saw a video. I swear, I was staring at the screen with an open mouth for about 2 minutes. It was literally out-of-this-world. Felt like Jurassic Park’s Dr.Grant, who got a shock of his life; a real life Brachiosaurus(a huge dinosaur).

It was the live demo of Microsoft Hololens. Dazed. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. Took some time to get back to my senses.

Let me tell you something. The actual thing, even if it is only half as effective as what was shown in the video, would be the coolest and the most awesome gadget available for the tech savvy folks around the world.

Again quoting from Prestige(I adore that tale):

“The world, ladies and gentlemen, is on the brink of new and terrifying possibilities.”

It’s true.


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