The Death Of A Curious Cat

Cats are notoriously inquisitive. Hence the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat”. In most of the different versions of the origin of this phrase, a cat is killed because it ventured out of its familiar environs to find out what is beyond and met an unexpected death at some point during its journey through the great unknown. It’s a warning phrase. But it’s wonderful.

A month back, I was a person who knew about ‘Star Wars’ series but had never watched it.  Couple of weeks back I sat and watched the whole series. Five movies in 24 hours. I skipped ‘Episode 1’ since it was considered as the least effective of all. But I did watch it a few days later. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that now I am a ‘Star Wars’ freak. So I am into all the customary ‘Star Wars’ addict behavior. I watch the trailer and teasers of the new movie at least once in a day. I’ve downloaded the epic John Williams soundtracks and listening to it on loops. I am waiting, with fingers crossed, for the force to awaken in December.

There is a lot to awe about the movies. But the thing, I think, which got me hooked was the traditional first shot of a ‘Star Wars’ movie. The big dubious expanse of dark matter with specks of light studded into it and the words “A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far, Away”.

It got me during every single one of those six movies. It made me curious as to what is there for me in the movie as well as beyond that black canvas; all the mysterious objects and, may be, beings out there in the universe waiting to be explored. That is the ultimate intoxicant, something which human beings will fall for every single time. That obsession with ‘finding out’ is in the core of all the great and grave things humans have done and will do in future.

While our pursuit for knowledge regarding the physical world that we live in, resulted in big revelations, inventions and discoveries that changed the course of our lives, the alternate pursuit for power and material wealth has done severe damage to living beings and the place we live in. Two sides of the same coin. The fire that we use to build our world is also a weapon of mass destruction.

But destruction and suffering has never swayed humans from pursuing or going after something elusive. For us, that deep passion towards changing the world as well as ourselves through these pursuits is way beyond the value of lives that might be lost or damaged.

We are like flies circling around a fire admiring its beauty, wondering how it feels and finally burning in ecstasy quenching curiosity. We really can’t see anything beyond that mystery. In that moment all we have is a tunnel vision, no matter how much light is spread around us. There is nothing else in our view other than what we want to pursue and we go for it. We might wreck havoc, suffer a lot or even perish searching for it. But the joy of finding new paths, places, beings, phenomenons and realities is the only thing that matters to us.

It’s true. Curiosity killed the cat. But it found new places and new things. It was in joy of pursuit when it met death. Well, death might be the best of all the epic mysteries. That cat is just passing from one thrilling ride to another. Believe me folks, that is one happy cat.


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