A winged angel on a moonlit night!

It had been an hour or two since the night had set in and things were proceeding as habitually as ever in our disturbingly regular, not-so-big yet not-so-small, apartment. Mom in the kitchen, dad packing his bags to leave for some errand to Chennai and me, as usual, watching that odd movie in TV, that had not yet been broadcasted to death a few hundred times.

It was not an eventful day and the movie was doing well to relieve me of the unbearable pain of a dull day. I was moving deep into the reel world, and thats when lights went out. Some loud clang from kitchen followed by mom’s cry of frustration and dad’s yelp due to a momentous rendezvous between his big toe and that out of place table leg. Being thrown into pitch black of the power failure with the accompaniments, while I was nursing my boredom is not a wonderful feeling. I was pulled back into the same frivolous day, that I hoped was over.

I had nothing to do. I put down the TV remote and fell back into the sofa. Just like any other person in a crisis, I looked first to the darker side to my right and kept on staring for a while. Not very good!

Then I looked left. Now that’s better. Something was casting a blue light, through the big glassy door which led to the balcony, onto a considerable portion of the tiled floor. Oh yeah! That gal, that wonderful gal named moon. Almost forgot that someone like that existed, shining bright and big in the night sky outside. Well, why not take a look?

The mood swing, as I stepped inertly onto the balcony, was instant. A sigh of relief, and probably a ‘handsome’ smile too, came out of no where. Leaning on the edge, I looked up and found the pretty lady high up in the sky, just above the swaying coconut palm and the superbly spread Sapota, with leaves ruffling in rhythm. Ha! Needless to say, it felt good. Nothing beats a tête-à-tête with a, literally, radiant lass when you are desperate for a glimmer of hope!

Then I saw it, the spark I was wishing for. In the backdrop of a blue lit dark space, a still silhouette perched in peace on a large, strong palm leaf. The birdwatcher in me came alive in ecstasy out of the hellish depths of boredom. The joy of spotting a life, which is rarely seen during day while battling the demons of languor cannot be described in words, at least not with my shoddy vocabulary. It felt like I have unravelled the so-called meaning of life and had been given a nobel for it! I almost cried.

Even though, for the rest of the night, nothing much changed from the usual box life schedule of things, I was simply over the moon to be alive n kickin’ on planet earth.

And that’s how a barn owl saved my day!


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