Are we special? hmmm


What makes us so special? We, as a species, have always asked this question or, at least, thought about it. It is something we are hell-bent on proving over and over again, something we blindly believe in. May be we are. I don’t know.

But we also have this very strong belief that we are the most unique and special things in the whole of universe. Now that’s a far-fetching idea, too too far in fact. First of all, Universe is extremely big. We, with our limited scientific prowess, has only been able to observe only a fraction of it and there are, literally, billions of worlds out there with earth-like conditions which we won’t explore any time soon. May be there is life out there somewhere, in countless number of planets, and may be there are beings in those planets who think the same thing that I am thinking about right now. So, will we ever meet any of them? No idea!

But if we don’t meet them, how will we know if they exist or not? Am I making the case of ‘most unique and special us’ stronger? May be. Thats sad. I would like to think there are others out there. If there are others out there, then that would mean we aren’t special at all. Moreover, it would be fun. Ever fantasized about hanging out with aliens like that bar from the famous ‘Cantina’ scene in Star Wars where beings from different planets come to get sloshed and then fight.  But I must admit there is a chance the aliens will come and kill us all and take over our little blue globe like they show in a number of hollywood movies. Just kidding! They won’t do it. Not right away. May be after going through comments under youtube videos and widely read newspaper articles on important issues like racism and religious extremism.

Anyway, as of now, we are all alone. And as we say, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed is the king or the queen. So, for now, humans can hold tight on to their arrogance that they are special. How I wish it were not the case! Sigh.




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