Are we special? hmmm


What makes us so special? We, as a species, have always asked this question or, at least, thought about it. It is something we are hell-bent on proving over and over again, something we blindly believe in. May be we are. I don’t know.

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A winged angel on a moonlit night!

It had been an hour or two since the night had set in and things were proceeding as habitually as ever in our disturbingly regular, not-so-big yet not-so-small, apartment. Mom in the kitchen, dad packing his bags to leave for some errand to Chennai and me, as usual, watching that odd movie in TV, that had not yet been broadcasted to death a few hundred times.

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DiCaprio and Oscars

I love Leonardo DiCaprio. The guy guarantees great movies. His selection of movies is exceptional and he performs consistently well. I admire Leo in that sense, but not for his acting prowess.

You heard me right folks.

Every now and then I hear DiCaprio fans cursing the academy awards or belittling it stating the apparent missing of academy awards from Leo’s trophy cabinet. Outcries are in plenty:

“One of the greatest of this generation has not yet received the Oscars!! Shame on you academy”

“A lobby is working against him in the Academy”

“Oscars doesn’t deserve Leo”

“Leo doesn’t need an Oscar to prove his greatness”

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Soundtracks For Life

My tryst with the western(mostly english) movie world was facilitated by my brother. Till then all I used to watch were those odd Indian(mostly malayalam) movies which became big hits.

So when I got to watch films like ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Lord Of The Rings’, I was taken aback, especially by the eargasmic background scores. They were nothing like what I had heard in all those Indian movies that I had watched till then and have watched ever since.  I was instantly drawn to that and eventually got sucked into the west.

Now I watch more English movies a year than in my mother tongue, Malayalam. The music of western movies still amazes me just like it did when I began watching it almost 10 years ago(not a really long time, still). In fact I have cultured a habit of collecting those soundtracks that are so beautiful and haunting that I play them several times a day in my mind for inspiration or peace.

Soundtracks can lift the emotions to a different level. It can make a poorly crafted scene look wonderful and average, or even bad, movies memorable.  There is nothing like magical music that can move you into a world of your own in a split second.  So here are some of the most amazing  soundtracks that I’ve heard.

A Window To The Past – Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004)

As of now, my personal favourite. The genius of John Williams knows no bounds . All the magical emotions and wonder of JK Rowling’s creation packed into something which will haunt me forever.

Across the stars, Force Theme – Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the clones (2002)

Star Wars is the one movie which will etch the name ‘John Williams’ in the history books of music. The soundtrack has been played by several renowned orchestras around the world in the past and will be played 200 years from now. There are several star wars compositions worthy to be in this list of mine. But I chose these two. Simply two of the most amazing tributes to “Love” and “belief”, I have heard till date. ‘Across the stars’ is beauty, suffering and pain of blind love, all rolled into a single piece.

Drawing – Cashback (2006)

One of the most beautiful (highly underrated) movies that I’ve seen. The background score by Guy Farley took it to another level. A piece of music which reminds you, how beautiful life is.

Rohirrim Charge – Lord Of the Rings(LOTR):The Return Of The King(2003)

No matter how many times I watch this scene, it still sends chills down my spine. The sheer epicness of this scene alone is far greater than that of many so-called ‘epic’ movies. Howard Shore’s musical craft for the LOTR series  (more than 10 hours) will remain, forever, as one of the  greatest soundtrack works of our time.

Das Leben Der Anderen(2006-German) main theme

Easily the best non-english movie I’ve seen. A poignant drama about human connections and freedom. The soundtrack by Gabriel Yared and Stéphane Moucha portrays the beauty and sorrow of the tale perfectly.

J’y suis jamais allé – Amélie(2001-French)

Amélie is all about ‘happiness’. If you can’t find happiness after watching this movie, then you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s so full of life and joy. The musical ecstasy by Yann Tiersen tells you all about the wonderful Amélie Poulain.

Lost But Won – Rush(2013)

Rush is all about inspiration. The incredibly talented Hans Zimmer gives exactly that all through the movie. His background score is as inspiring as the story itself.

Claudia’s Theme – Unforgiven(1992)

Unforgiven deals with life and more importantly, taking of life(murder). Even though the theme is gruesome, it has an inherent beauty. ‘Claudia’s Theme’ by Lennie Neihaus is up there with some of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in my life.

Main theme(extended) – Interstellar (2014)

There won’t be a movie like ‘Interstellar’ that drowns us in awe of the universe, its many mysteries and our existence as emotional beings in it. The soundtrack, Hans Zimmer’s masterpiece, is a work which can craft those emotions that we would never experience in this life, otherwise, or on this planet.

Haider: Movie Review

haider Haider, the movie adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy ‘Hamlet’, is a cold, brutal yet poetic drama of revenge set aptly in the frigidly beautiful Kashmir valley. It is a tale of disturbing internal conflicts and complicated relationships with a compelling plot of vengeance.

It is the tale of Haider (Shahid Kapoor) who is returning from college to his homeland owing to his father`s disappearance after the Army arrests him for sheltering militants. Haider, on his return, learns of the affair going on between his mother (Tabu) and his quirky, treacherous Uncle (Kay Kay Menon) and soon after, learns about his father`s murder facilitated by his Uncle. He, thus, sets out to kill his uncle.The narration is extremely compelling for a movie of such serious nature. The tragic story is a vivid poetry that magnificently describes different shades of love, vengeance and sheer madness of human beings using visuals, words and silence. Even the background score and songs change moods along with the tale.

This powerful and deep story has equally impressive characters and required powerful performances. That is exactly what you get from the cast. Shahid Kapoor delivers one of the best acting performances in recent times  and, I believe, has a firm grip on the National Award.He lives his character onscreen as a disturbingly tragic young man who swings between tender, lovable boy and a complete revenge-driven maniac. Tabu, as the arcane lady who is caught between the love for his son and adoration for her partner, has put in a fabulous performance which will remain with you long after you leave the cinema hall. Finally, Kay Kay Menon as an amusing but detestably villainous uncle of Haider is absolutely brilliant and would’ve been a show stealer if not for Shahid Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor as Haider’s lady-love, even though gets shadowed by the three mentioned above has done a good job. Irffan Khan does an interesting cameo which seemed like a walk-in-a-park for him. Rest of the cast including the witty Salman brothers played their parts really well.

Vishal Bharadwaj will win all the accolades. He has scripted(along with Basharat Peer) and directed a wonderful tribute to the legendary artist. This is arguably one of the best, if not the best onscreen adaptation of a Shakespearean tragedy. Pankaj Varma of the Ship of Theseus fame cranks the camera for Haider and does a great job. The movie, despite its dark melancholic nature is not at all dull and so Aarif Sheik with the cuts deserves some praise. Vishal Bharadwaj’s background score and songs are terrific especially the title track “Aao Na”, which sets a haunting mood to the climax, is a brilliant one. ‘Haider’ is a movie which uses the songs incredibly well. Each song depicts each emotional state of mind of Haider. Watch out for Vishal’s own rendition ‘Jhelum’, a melancholic beauty.

If you are looking for an over-the top action flick with slap-stick wits, this is not your movie. This is a movie showcases the plight of folks who live in one of the most militarized zones in the world, a tale of ruthless vendetta. I would be terribly disappointed if Shahid Kapoor and Tabu do not win a lot of awards.